We are a content and coaching membership platform for Brazilians living in the United States; there are almost 1.5 million of us.

Our platform is based on the principles of the sharing economy, where we provide guidance and viabilize the exchange of services, partnerships and resources to help fellow Brazilian entrepreneurs and innovators grow their ideas and businesses.

There is no other platform like Women of the Future!

We are about opportunities, abundance, deep connections and action. We are a catalyst for the business mindset of the future.

We offer in one place a community with netweaving, sharing and collaborative economy principles: the encounter of women, the possibility to create business inside a community and grow to the next step. Also the entrepreneur will have access to classes, consultancy and mentoring about business and personal development.

The other platforms available offer those services but never together they are or a women platform or marketplaces or future studies platform or entrepreneurs platform. We are everything together.

Also we will offer in about 6 months a environment for services trade, using virtual money.

Also those services in separate are extremely expensives and at Mulheres do Futuro the customer will pay a very affordable price for the package.

“The great majority of Brazilians in the States are entrepreneurs, especially for the services sector. I’m part of this community and I want to help those people to grow their business using their communities, so as I am doing the same.” Flávia Reis, CEO Mulheres do Futuro USA.

We will enable futures and turn resources and results to exponentially.

Our mission - We exist to help women who want to reach the next level in entrepreneurship, business, professional and personal growth. Let's take these women's hands and not just teach them how to do it, but teach them to connect with others and take away the main impediment, which is money, financial resources. We will teach them how to work with other resources. That is, to facilitate the growth of female entrepreneurship.

Our differential - We welcome anyone at any level of knowledge, helping them to grow to the next stage, by removing obstacles (knowledge, technology, connections, financial resources, etc.). We can help people in all stages of entrepreneurship, their business to go to the next level enabling professional and personal development.

Our purpose - "We don’t want women failing on realize their goals because they don’t have enough money. That can’t be an impediment to fulfilling their dreams. We want to show that through the economies of the future they can achieve what they need, using the abundant resources available from the collaborative, sharing, creative and multivalues economies.” Lorena Gurjão (Idealizer of Mulheres do Futuro)

We are here to help women solving the absence of information and training problem.

Those women search for information that might lead her to find some solution to her problem, advice to help to change her route, trying in vain to find a way to solve the issues that bother her.

They use the Internet as a puzzle that will tell them how to entrepreneur and how to leverage their business without money. Also there are women that make loans without financial management counseling and end up in debt and frustrated. Others ask for family, friends, books and technical courses facing the challenge of linear thinking. We approach problems as exponentials that require solutions that come from an non-linear mindset.

We are putting together a package of services such as training, mentoring, community share, networking, business development, marketplace and trade tools.

Women are still finding a hard time finding support in Entrepreneurship tools, training and resources. The ones who have support, don't have a community to support each other ideias and share their business challenges and experiences.

Also most women don’t know what they want in life and have no guidance or money to find professional support.

They are trying to re-signify their life and our Platform is an affordable place with access to content, tools and networking to find the direction she needs, breaking the mindset of linear thinking by presenting the concepts of the exponential economies: Creative, Collaborative, Sharing and Multivalue.

There aren’t any previous initiative such as Mulheres do Futuro, our target audience does not see the current situation as a problem although our project has a clear and accessible promise to help than overcome their barriers.

She wants to change her life, she wants to find a way out, she has been dissatisfied for a while and wants to make a big change in her life and she will see that all of this is possible and affordable in MDF Platform.

She does not want to do business just thinking about profitability. She wants something that has freedom, recognition and a sense of purpose that can transform and positively impact society.

Meet Flávia Reis, CEO Mulheres do Futuro USA

I am Flávia Reis, entrepreneur from Belo Horizonte, living in Denver, Colorado. In the past 19 years I've lived in Florida, Cape Cod, Paris and lots of cities in Brazil. My monograph was about the Brazilian community in Boston and my master's degree on public policies for international cooperation. I am launching a content platform on entrepreneurship to the Brazilian community in the States.

I’m a co-founder 2 startups and a business development consultant, my specialty is the raising of resources: social, human, financial, managerial and strategic for business development, using Social, Collaborative and Sharing principles. I worked for the Ministry of Health in Brasilia for 7 years with international cooperation and public policies learning how to help entrepreneurs find opportunities in other countries.

I have a free soul, positive thinking I love to travel and my values ​​are: family, friends and honesty!